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F atness is a disease. Which may be several reasons? The lifestyle and genetics are the most important. The first national health and nutrition survey examining the report  from Anna hazare, an adjunct of the people over the age of 20, according to  15.00%, while that in the survey of 33 grow 4.9:% of the vote.2-5 years these rates in children up to the age of 5.٠%increase which was 13.Children 6 to 11 years, while the rate in%: 9: 18 6.5% above 18.Was 8%.Many of the diseases caused by an adjunct is also suspected to pose .In the second level of sugar in the blood coagulation, and sleep disorders are most of the breath heavy.

The important thing is that this is also an adjunct to weight loss patient, it is difficult to be selectively applied, is the lack of intentional force. Below are listed some therapies and procedures that can be not only lose weight, but using force will also strengthen intentional.

 How To Lose Weight in a Month ?

1-first of all, make you’re dining set times.

2-day 12-18 glass drink water.

3-If your feeling of hunger, food to the top of the thumb, 10 minute massage. On both hands. Sensation hungry quoted.

4-morning admiring the grit of a glass of water 2 teaspoon plantain mouth put .This is useful for not only the belly fat that was upon the inwards, cleaning the skin of the face, but is also transparent and shiny.

 How To Lose Weight in a Month ?

Diet program (1);

Breakfast: a boiled egg and tea without sugar. If there is a need felt, canoe or Apple can also be.

11: 00, tomatoes, cucumber, cucumber, if the day felt hunger or a banana can.

Any vegetable soup lunch;. If you want to add chicken, red meat, but not at all.

4: 00 pm; any seasonal fruits, potatoes, carrot, Apple  guava can take .

Sugar tea without the drug.

8: 00 am the next morning, so nothing to eat till now, because it is the night; a cup of steamed rice, raw vegetable can take with our own.

How To Lose Weight in a Month ?

This program is for only three days.

The fourth and fifth day, sprinkle lemon over the salad, soup lunch can take place.

It was the fifth day dinner with a dash-based broth, chicken or lightly steamed in Bannock can take.

This program can be repeated again two days over a period of time, but in two days of beach food, abstain from evil precautionary.

Diet program 2

It is Diet to create programs. After nothing but banana s and milk to eat. But the use of plantain water and grit of keeping as before.

1-Take a glass in the morning, breakfast 2 bananas .

2-take a banana and glass lunch 2 in a glass milk.

3-Night eat-in a glass to take a banana and glass milk.

This program can continue for three weeks.

Diet program 3;

This is the diet soup. It is a recipe for soup;

1 _ six large green onions

2-two green chilies

3-one or two tomatoes

4-3 carrot

5-a Cup to help cope with a


7-medium-sized cabbage half address

8-two chicken piece.

9-Add salt, pepper, black pepper, etc. that you use taste.

How To Lose Weight in a Month ?

How To Lose Weight in a Month ?

Recipe: cut into all things byte size. In a non stick pan simmered ‘ pot ‘ keeps on. Leave the vegetables in water, then after 12 cups water, put aside two hours to give ‘ pot ‘ ripening.

Remember this is a two-week break for only 7 day plan with.

Eat all kinds of fruit except bananas (fruit); the first day and make soup. Crooned juice in drinks, tea and sugar without water.

Second day: raw, baked or steamed foods (vegetables) has all kinds of vegetables eat.Try not to dry corn, peas and eat not desired. Take all kinds of vegetable less with soup. Potatoes boiled in the dinner, but not vegetables.

On the third day. On the third day, vegetables, fruit and soup from them.

Fourth day: banana  to take eight banana the day, with the milk A long with the soup.

5th day: fresh meat and meat and tomatoes; 10 – 20 ounce 6 tomatoes .Six to eight glasses of water to get out of the body so that the acid uric .Once the soup definitely have that day as well. Steamed Chicken or fish can also be made .But both were with them.

The meat and vegetables; meat and vegetables this day, sixth day; .2 or 3 sticks can also be green vegetables with meat. Once a day must take soup.

7th day; Brown rice, vegetables without sugar.


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